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Accessories with a flair...and hair - Greeley's women's clothing boutique and hair salon

Boutique Store Near Me

Accessories with a flair...and hair - Greeley's women's clothing boutique and hair salon - Boutique Store Near Me

Have you ever had the shopping experience where you’re looking for something great and you go from one store to the next, only to find that everything looks the same? That’s frustrating, isn’t it? You know the value of unique items so you’re searching for a “boutique store near me”. We are so happy you’ve found us at Accessories With a Flair!…and Hair. We aren’t like your big box stores, or any other boutique for that matter. We take time with each of our customers to make sure they find exactly what they are looking for. We have been called Greeley’s Most Unique Boutique with our trendy fashions, amazing jewelry collections, hats, color analysis for fashions, hair color, and make-up shades, and our private label, Star Natural Skin Care line. We pride ourselves on giving personal service while helping you look HOT!

You may be wondering how we stand apart from every other “boutique store near me,” and we get it; the proof is in the pudding. Let’s dive in while we share how our boutique takes your style to the next level with personalized color analysis and custom fashion recommendations.

5 ways you’ll leave our store looking and feeling your absolute best

  1. Personalized Color Analysis consultations

Ever wonder why certain colors make you glow while others don’t? It’s all about finding the right hues that complement your natural features. At our boutique, we offer personalized color analysis consultations that assess your skin tone, hair color, and eye color to recommend the most flattering shades for you. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about discovering your personal color palette! We believe in your uniqueness and helping you find what you feel your absolute best in. Color analysis is a wonderful way to do that. 


  1. Custom fashion recommendations

Clothes shopping can be overwhelming, but not to worry! We specialize in providing custom fashion advice tailored just for you. Whether you’re petite, curvy, tall, or anywhere in between, we recommend pieces that fit beautifully and accentuate your personality and style. Not only that but we also consider your lifestyle and the image you want to create for yourself. From professional to casual, we have it all. You shouldn’t have to stress about wondering what to put together and how to do it. We take the guesswork out of it and you can walk out of our “boutique store near me” with confidence and a wardrobe that makes you feel your very best. 


  1. Seasonal style updates

As seasons change, so should elements of your wardrobe. We will help you integrate the latest fashion trends with the colors and styles that suit you best. From adding a splash of the season’s ‘it’ color to picking out the perfect layering pieces, we ensure your wardrobe is both current and uniquely you. We also love offering specialized products that you’ll wear for different seasons or events, like our Wallaroo sun hats, Kentucky Derby hats, party wear, and travel wear.


  1. Special event styling

Have a wedding, gala, or important business event coming up? Let us take the stress out of finding the perfect outfit. We offer styling services that ensure you look the part for any occasion. With a focus on color, fit, and fashion, we’ll help you select an outfit that not only fits the event but makes you feel confident and gorgeous. While we are the best “boutique store near me” to help you with what you’ll wear to an event, we also have a hair salon, make-up studio, and wig center. Among our wide variety of beauty services, we offer professional makeovers both in our studio and on location. Our highly skilled makeup artist and cosmetologist ensure you feel confident for your wedding, prom night, or theatrical performance. That’s because we use only the best makeup products on the market and as a result, you will look and feel great about yourself.


  1. Exclusive shopping experiences

For those who seek a truly unique shopping experience, we offer private appointments where you can enjoy personalized attention in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Think of it as a styling party where you can explore different looks with professional care. It’s perfect for updating your wardrobe, special occasions, or simply indulging in some well-deserved ‘me time.’ We are like shopping with a girlfriend but with professional experience.

Downtown Greeley has your most trusted “boutique store near me”

Since 1997, our boutique, hair salon, make-up studio, and wig center have excited all ages, no matter their size or their favorite style, to make looking good an art. At Accessories with a Flair!… And Hair, we believe the right colors and styles can truly transform how you look and feel. Stop by our boutique during business hours or schedule a private appointment to discover how we can help enhance your wardrobe and boost your confidence with clothing that’s meant to be worn by you. Remember, in any season, for any reason, you need FLAIR, and we are here to serve it up! Call any time for your appointment at 970-351-6448.

Read some of our five-star reviews from happy clients

“A great up-to-date selection of fashions and accessories, make-up and jewelry right in the heart of Greeley, Colorado! I have to go more often because there are lots of one-of-a-kind boutique items and you want to have a good choice! The spring hats are awesome – got one for my derby party. The owner has experienced style advice and I’ve attended a few of her fashion show events and they are so much fun! Highly recommend a trip to Accessories with a Flair and Hair!” -Jan

“This is the place for friendly, top-notch beauty enhancements! Linda will help you pick out an individual style that’ll fit your budget and your personality.” -Mary

“Unique, fun, amazing outfits and accessories. Great place to find a gift or just something special for yourself.” -James

Accessories With a Flair!…and Hair is the best “boutique store near me”

Greeley’s most unique boutique with trendy fashions, amazing jewelry collections, gorgeous women’s hats, color analysis for fashions, hair salon, hair color, and professional make-up, and our private label, Star Natural Skin Care line. Stepping into Accessories with a Flair!… And Hair means embarking on a beauty adventure where you can expect to leave feeling like a star.

 Visit us today for Greeley’s most rewarding shopping experience.

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